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What makes The Alliance of Medical Recruiters, AMR, different from other recruiter networks?

Our Members make that difference.

AMR members are carefully screened to maintain AMR's high ethical standards. We are the "cream of the crop". We demonstrate the highest level of recruitment standards. Each member agrees to abide by AMR policies of ethics and conduct. For only $575.00 per year...less than $50.00 a month you can have one or ten recruiters utilizing the AMR database. Size of your firm is not dependent on cost of membership. One database allows you to enter all Healthcare candidates. No need to jump from site to site. It is comprehensive and easy to use. We also offer quarterly membership at only $175.00 per quarter.

We do not clutter up our site with all kinds of ads. AMR is for you!! That means clean, easy, and profitable.


You have UNLIMITED entries on the database. There are absolutely no restrictions on your number of entries.

You can upload all your jobs into the AMR database!!

AMR automatically matches your jobs and candidates to other jobs and candidates in the system!! It does your work for you!

AMR has a mass email system that allows you to communicate with all members with only one email!!

All entries...jobs and candidates are never over a year old!!

All members adhere to the same split fee agreement. No need for individual agreements.

Any member can do AMR splits other than a 50-50 as long as they agree to it before the placement occurs.

You have IMMEDIATE access to jobs and candidates to fill your needs.

MedicalJobStreet.com: You have free automatic postings of your jobs to our sister site. Candidates and potential clients are browsing job boards and they come directly to you!!

AMR Search Engine: You can have the AMR database linked to your own site so that candidates can access ALL AMR jobs and respond directly to you. This is a very mninimal cost which gives huge rewards.

AMR Hosting: Do you need a web host? Check out Littlexpress.com. We own our own server and can host your site at a minimal monthly cost.

You have access to terrific optional programs to help you make those placements.

DOC Project: We have our own call center and call active, passive, and resident/fellow candidates on a daily basis. If you utilize this optional feature, you receive 5 profiled candidates daily in your email. You also have access to a database of over 5,000 physician candidates. ALL YOURS!!!

E-Ads: If you elect to use this great service, we e-blast two of your jobs to over 45,000 physician candidates twice a month for a mere $100.00.

RESIDENCY database: AMR members can receive the current residents including residency directors on an excell format: all for one low cost of $250.00.

Ebase: We have a great internal database FREE to members.

Newsletter: We have a weekly newsletter with more helpful information and articles than you can possibly imagine! You get it in your email each week as well access to it on-site.

HealthEcareers: We have a great reduced rate on one of the top healthcare posting job boards.

We are on Facebook and Twitter.

AMR owns its own server and mail server.

Why should you join AMR? The question should be Why Not?

DOC PROJECT: What makes our service different than other similar services? Our call center is LOCATED IN THE UNITED STATES!! Our callers actually speak to a candidate and do a profile which includes such information as name, address, email, phone (if given), specialty, subspecialty, geographic areas of interest including states and populations, disciplinary action, licensure, family considerations, and any other pertinent information. You receive 5 profiled candidates each day in your email. In addition, these candidates are on a searchable database that you can access anytime. In addition to the newly profiled candidates, you have access to a database of physicians that AMR has accumulated over a couple of years. These are an additional 5,000 candidates. This service runs on a quarterly basis and costs you ONLY $375.00. These candidates ARE NOT candidates mined from other job boards!!! These candidates are yours to place or split. You cannot go wrong with this service.

YOU NEVER PAY PER RECRUITER!!! You have ONE fee per office!!

RESIDENT LISTS: Each year we get the latest resident and resident directors lists which include emails and contact information. Generally these lists are very expensive for the smaller firm. But, as an AMR member you can opt to get these lists for a only $250.00. This gives you at least 15 specialties and each specialty comes to you in Excel format.

E-Ads: Over the years AMR has accumulated over 45,000 physician emails which remain current. AMR members can run two job ads which go out to these physicians twice a month. This cost is only $100.00 for the AMR member. If you want to run 4 ads, it will only cost an additional $75.00. One member placed four candidates within a year of running these ads!!

As The Alliance of Medical Recruiters, we are committed to our members and our industry. We are always experimenting with new products that will help our members make placements. We're mulling over an exciting new feature this very minute!!

JOIN AMR and have one of the most important tools you can have in your Recruiter Toolbox. Call (417) 299-1478 or email with any questions. Or, just go to the "Join AMR" section and fill out the registration. We process applications within 72 hours. Then, you can be part of the AMR Family!!

Climb aboard!